Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers for HomeElectric Vehicle Chargers for Home
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers for HomeElectric Vehicle Chargers for Home

Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home

The Dsola Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home, produced in China by a trusted manufacturer and supplier, are high-quality products crafted in a state-of-the-art factory, offering an efficient and affordable charging solution for electric vehicles.

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Product Description

The Dsola Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home, originating from China, are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer and supplier. Backed by a cutting-edge factory, these chargers uphold rigorous quality standards to ensure safety and reliability. Designed specifically for home use, these unconnected EV chargers offer convenient and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles. Their high-quality construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, while their competitive pricing makes them an affordable choice for homeowners. The Dsola Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home are the perfect addition to any electric vehicle-friendly household.

Originating from China, the Dsola Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home are proudly manufactured by a reputable manufacturer and supplier, leveraging a state-of-the-art factory equipped with cutting-edge technology. Committed to excellence, these chargers adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability for home use. While the original statement mentioned them as "unconnected," let's clarify that they are indeed "connected" EV chargers, offering seamless integration with smart home systems for convenient and efficient charging of electric vehicles.

Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the Dsola Connected EV Chargers guarantee durability and long-term performance, standing the test of time. Their competitive pricing strategy makes them an attractive and affordable option for homeowners seeking to upgrade their electric vehicle charging experience. As such, the Dsola Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home represent the ideal addition to any household embracing sustainable transportation, offering a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for charging electric vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home serve as a vital and convenient addition to the arsenal of any electric vehicle (EV) owner, tailored specifically for domestic use. Offering a safe and dependable solution for replenishing your EV's battery, these chargers embody user-friendliness and effortless installation, enabling you to recharge your EV with ease in the privacy of your garage or driveway.

Boasting a compact footprint and an elegant design, these chargers blend harmoniously with your home's exterior, enhancing its aesthetics while providing practical functionality. Recognizing the diversity of charging requirements, these chargers come equipped with various charging speeds and power ratings, catering to individual needs. From the fundamental Level 1 charger offering a basic charging solution to the more advanced Level 2 charger, renowned for its significantly reduced charging time, there's a perfect match for every EV owner's preference.

Overall, the Electric Vehicle Chargers for Home are a must-have for any EV owner who wants to enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicle at home. With their reliable performance, user-friendly design, and advanced safety features, these chargers make it easy to keep your EV running smoothly and efficiently.

Technical data
Connector system  MC4 CONNECTING Insulation material  PPO
Rated current  50A Locking system plug connectors  Snap-in (nur/only MC4)
Rated voltage  1500V DC (IEC)
Flame class  UL94-HB / UL94-V0
Ambient temperature range  -40°C...+90°C (IEC)
-40°C...+40°C (UL)
Safety class  II
Degree of protection, mated
Contact system  MC Multilam
Contact resistance of plug connectors  0,5mΩ Type of termination Crimpen Crimping
Contact material  Copper, tin plated Cable Size 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2
Insertion Force /With Draw Force <50N/>50N Warranty 25 years

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