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What is the difference between T4 and MC4 solar connectors?


MC4 connectors are a type of weatherproof connector designed specifically for connecting solar panels together. They are named after the Multi-Contact company, which developed this connector type. MC4 connectors are known for their ease of installation and their ability to provide a secure, watertight connection, making them widely used in both residential and commercial solar installations.

T4 connectors are another type of connector used in solar installations. They are typically used for connecting solar panels to the inverter or other components of the solar system. T4 connectors are often chosen for their durability and reliability, especially in harsh environmental conditions.

While both MC4 and T4 connectors are used in solar installations, they serve different purposes within the system. MC4 connectors are primarily used for connecting solar panels together, while T4 connectors are used for connecting panels to other components of the solar system, such as inverters or charge controllers. MC4 connectors are mainly for panel-to-panel connections, while T4 connectors are typically used for panel-to-system connections.

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