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What are the parts of the MC4 connector?


The main structure of the MC4 connector, usually made of engineering plastic that is resistant to high temperatures and weathering. It has good insulation properties and UV resistance. The connector body is typically shaped in a right-angle design, which facilitates installation and wiring.

These are the parts of the MC4 connector that insert into the sockets to establish electrical connections. The pins are usually made of copper, which has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The design shape and size of the pins must match the sockets to ensure a reliable connection.

These are the parts of the connector that receive the pins and establish electrical connections with them. The sockets are also typically made of copper, with a silver coating on the surface to improve electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The internal structure of the sockets is designed to ensure a tight contact with the pins, minimizing contact resistance.

The MC4 connector comprises a connector body, pins, and sockets, all working together to provide a reliable electrical connection.

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